Project Proposal – Music


Expressions of Culture Project

Project Proposal: Due at the End of Class today /20

Group Members: Justin, Manraj, Manvinder, Jasneet

  • Working Title: (your motto or mission statement /Can be changed for your presentation)   
    • Throughout this project we are looking forward to express how music is expressed throughout cultures. Aside from how music is expressed by various different artists, we will be explaining how music impacts and influences contrasting people.
    • Type of Presentation you group has decided upon:  The type of presentation is up to your group.  However you will be marked the reason that you provide for your type of presentation.  Meaning you need to explain why the type of presentation you choose fits the topic you are presenting.  


  • Powerpoint (Multiple slides would hit the following points): Throughout multiple slides we could differentiate between the way music is expressed in cultures. We would hit different music genres throughout the presentation.  


    • Different examples would be shown according to the various different groups of people artists have influenced.
    • Research regarding how music was back in the day, and how culture influenced people during that time.
    • How music evolved while keeping its roots.


  • Outline how you are going to present your cultural expression below
  • Going to have powerpoint presentation


    • Link certain clips from songs into the presentation, so the class can listen it.
    • Present the lyrics alongside our information while referring to certain songs.
    • Possible resources and research you are undertaking.   
      • Looking back through the lyrics of songs from several genres.  
      • Look for books regarding culture


  • Possible websites to use:  



  • (Hip hop influence on pop music)



Outline what each member of your group is going to be INDIVIDUALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR in your project:

  • Everyone will research the certain listed topics but everyone will contribute while working on the presentation together.

Name Responsibilities


Look at modern day music


Look at old music like 1920 – 1990


how music influences cultures


evolution and meaning behind music
There are several types of music, and they have different meaning to it. Some


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